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Audible door alarms

TetraScience is excited to announce we now can provide additional layers of monitoring. The first of our three upcoming sensor announcements: Audible door open & close alarms.

Here’s the rundown:

What is it?

An audible alarm which goes off when a door has been left open for a preset amount of time. Much like other TetraScience probes, it sits on the side of the unit it’s monitoring. We've set one up on our office mini-fridge to demonstrate (and ensure our drinks stay cold.)


Why is it important?

Not all refrigerators/freezers have a built-in audible alarm, particularly older or undercounter models. Adding this buzzer allows scientists to quickly catch doors that have been left open. This is particularly important for under-counter and smaller storage units as they will warm up faster. Or, you can imagine, the need to have this deployed across extremely critical storage pieces.

In action

A door is left open on an under-counter freezer monitored by TetraScience. Without the audible door sensor, scientists—although they may be working around this freezer—might not notice the door was left open. They would not receive an alert until an alert is received from the temperature sensor. In some cases, it’s not out of the question that the temperature alert is sent during their commute home or another inconvenient time. Having an audible alarm makes sure the open door is detected right away. It’s another way TetraScience thinks about adding a layer of safety to prevent material loss.

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Steve McCoy

Steve McCoy

Steve McCoy is an Account Executive at TetraScience. With a background in enterprise sales, he specializes in ensuring his partners find value and innovation through IoT. Fun fact: is a real McCoy.

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