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Case Study: Lab catches incubator failure in time to save cancer treatment research

Notable Labs uses TetraScience Monitoring across their lab to ensure reliable monitoring and management of their most critical equipment. Every day their lab performs research on live patient tumor samples, testing thousands of combinations of FDA-approved drugs which could lead to promising actionable treatments for cancer patients.


The team at Notable tests the drug compounds against cancer patient samples (tumors, bone marrow, blood etc) with Cytomat 24 robotic incubators from ThermoFisher in conjunction with liquid handling robots.

“It’s high-stakes testing,” says bioengineer Transon Nguyen at Notable Labs, “if our incubator goes down, we lose the ability to perform research that could lead to potential treatments for patients. Recently we came very close to such a disaster, but TetraScience Monitoring notified us just in time.”

The big catch

One day an outside lab technician tripped over a power cord and didn’t realize they actually unplugged an incubator. Transon was immediately notified by TetraScience Monitoring via email and text that there was a dangerous change in the incubator’s environmental parameters he had set.

“If we hadn’t caught that the incubator had been unplugged, our entire screen would have failed due to the sample being compromised,” emphasized Transon. “This could have directly compromised our research. Live patient samples are precious and we couldn’t just go back to the oncologist and ask for another one.”

Day-to-day operations

In addition to catching lab mishaps and equipment failures, Notable Labs uses the TetraScience online dashboard as their lab’s mission control. Because it’s a cloud solution, the team can access their dashboard of instrument data from any device, anywhere. They also have a flat-screen TV up in the lab that shows the TetraScience mission control around the clock.


TetraScience gives complete visibility into the status and stability of instruments throughout the lab, so Notable bioengineers and scientists can focus on doing what they do best - fast tracking research about potential treatments for cancer patients.

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Lindsey Christensen

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