Join us at the 14th Lab Informatics Summit

Philadelphia, PA (November 8) TetraScience is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the 14th Laboratory Informatics Summit--the nation’s foremost event addressing innovative solutions to leverage the modern lab. It will take place in Philadelphia, PA, this December 4-6.

Alok Tayi, our CEO, will be joining the keynote panel with Eduardo Zaborowski of the Jackson Laboratory and Peter Gates of Janssen to speak on Why Major Advancements in Lab Technology have not been Met with a More Productive R&D Landscape.

This summit will focus on key themes at the forefront of news today, such as leveraging the latest in machine learning to prepare for AI applications, forging strong vendor partnerships to enable seamless technology solutions, maximizing the value-added of costly cloud computing, and implementing effective change management to secure buy-in at all levels.

Hear about:

  • The slew of safety requirements and regulation that continue to become more and more stringent within drug development
  • The number of drugs which are becoming ineffective as time progresses and mutations deem old therapies obsolete
  • How your organization can actually shrink the scope of what it is trying to accomplish in order to zero-in on truly effective and timely products

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