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Deploying Wi-Fi monitoring in Harvard Labs

Recently our intern extraordinaire, Risham Dhillon, wrote a blog post for Harvard University’s Office for Sustainability regarding efforts to deploy wi-fi monitoring in labs. Below is an excerpt.

A researcher’s treasure chest may as well be his freezer and/or refrigerator, housing fragile reagents, solutions, and samples at just the right temperature and humidity.

And yet, despite how valuable and necessary it is to have an operating and reliable freezer/refrigerator, it is particularly common for scientists to be constantly interrupted in their experimentation by freezer or incubator breakdowns and malfunctions. Such inconveniences can pose financial burdens, take up lots of time, and jeopardize experiments. To make matters worse, the environmental toll that such malfunctions make is a significant matter.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re in the midst of launching a freezer/incubator monitoring beta-testing program throughout many Harvard research labs, with the help of the Harvard Office for Sustainability.

So what exactly is the game plan?

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Lindsey Christensen

Lindsey Christensen

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