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Efficient Data Management for Protein Purification with AKTA Data Integration


GE Healthcare’s AKTA system is used heavily in the production of protein-based biologics and is the system of choice for scientists working in large molecule protein purification.

Data produced by GE AKTA (chromatograms, fraction tables, peak table, run logs, method instructions) are critically important; it confirms the targeted protein has been separated from impurities in the base solution and controls concentration.

However, searching, retrieving, and combining AKTA data with other sources, or comparing multiple results can be a cumbersome task.

Consider the following scenario: your team has produced thousands of batches over a period of a few years (or months, depending on your production) using multiple AKTA systems. Some of these systems are connected to one Unicorn (AKTA control software), while the remainder use a separate Unicorn instance.

You have been tasked to aggregate data from all the systems over the lifetime of a specific product and to generate a report.


There are several manual and tedious steps to transferring the information from even a single result. The problem compounds when dealing with more than one result; scientists ultimately spend significant time searching, loading, exporting, printing, transcribing and uploading files rather than additional research.


The TetraScience integration with GE AKTA pulls data directly from GE Unicorn software using our secure Data Hub, then transforms the data into a normalized format which is both human- and machine-readable.


Using our direct integration with GE Unicorn, TetraScience is able to collect your AKTA results after each run automatically.

An OPC gateway (provided by TetraScience) translates the OPC Classic to OPC UA, such that your entire fleet of protein purification systems connects via one single integration over the network.

Finally, the data is made accessible through APIs. Finally, we provide this data to be displayed, searched, and aggregated from anywhere in the world using your software of choice. For example here are two Spotfire dashboards that can be built for the scientists and Informatics/IT team using the AKTA data.

This dashboard allows you to search AKTA results, retrieve run logs and fractions tables.


This dashboard shows how many distinct instrument methods have been run on each AKTA system in the PI chart (top) and how many results have been run with a specific instrument method and on a specific AKTA instrument in the tile view (bottom). The visualization gives you an intuitive understanding of the most commonly used method and instrument to provide operational insights.



Ultimately, users of the TetraScience AKTA Integration are saving several hours per week per team member.

One customer, whose team of 10 performs over 3,500 AKTA runs each year, estimates his team has cut AKTA-data management and prep time by over 40%.

They no longer have to leave presentations and group meetings to pull up specific data sets.

Further, metadata tagged to each data set (project number, researcher, etc), makes finding files simple, even without intimate knowledge of when the experiment was run or who ran it.

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