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TetraScience + Egnyte: the ultimate solution for storing, sharing, and searching scientific data.

There are tremendous opportunities for discovery in the field of life sciences, but world-changing innovation takes resources. Developing groundbreaking therapies like CRISPR and the microbiome not only require funding, but also the production, consumption, and understanding of data.

Those treating data like an asset have the chance to influence the world of research. Let’s look at the ways in which life sciences companies strategize data-use by focusing on our latest integration with Egnyte.

Integrations for Innovations in Life Sciences

TetraScience has partnered with Egnyte to create an integration built for those working in life sciences. Together, these technologies provide pharma and biotech firms with a solution for leveraging their data, supporting the discoveries of tomorrow. The TetraScience integration with Egnyte automatically moves files into the TetraScience data lake, making them available to downstream data targets like ELNs, LIMS and data visualization tools. Egnyte files are parsed, validated and made searchable. The integration also enables alerts for when data is missing.

Let’s dive into a couple key features for this integration.

Search a powerful data lake

The TetraScience data lake is highly flexible and scalable. Set specific Egnyte folders to sync files automatically with this repository, making data available to other life science products.

Powerful parametric search helps users find information quickly and easily, ensuring critical data points are never lost and experiments aren’t needlessly duplicated.

If you’re working with CROs, CMOs or academic labs and want to find data they have sent you through Egnyte, simply search within TetraScience by various descriptors like:

  • Project ID
  • Created Date
  • Partner Name

You can even search environmental data by criteria including:

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • CO2

Partner power

The TetraScience + Egnyte integration gives you more value from your partnerships by enabling search for partner data from within the TetraScience data lake, as well as automatic data validation and integrations with additional data streams.

Validate data automatically: TetraScience will automatically validate files coming into Egnyte, sent internally or through partners, and provide alerts when potential errors or missing data are detected. We will also alert you to any mis-typed data inside your Egnyte files.

Parse data automatically: TetraScience will automatically decipher files coming into Egnyte. Your data is converted into a consumable format built for life sciences research. You can work with Egnyte files alongside additional data sources like instruments and lab systems. Important processes and analysis are simplified so teams can spend less time on data wrangling and manipulation and more time on research and data analysis.

Tango Therapeutics uses our Egnyte Integration for Data Exchange with external partners. Check out their customer testimonial.

More integrations with critical lab components

TetraScience offers integrations with lab software/applications, including popular ELN and LIMS software. We also integrate with instruments like HPLCs and mass specs. Downstream integrations include visualization software, additional data lakes, and even your own dedicated API.

Get started

To get started, learn more about integrating externally-produced data on this page or go ahead and request information from one of our scientific data integration experts.