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Industry Event | January 20, 2020

TetraScience CEO, Spin Wang, is speaking at PepTalk 2020 on January 20 in San Diego, CA.

About the event:
Spin is speaking during the Bioprocess Data Management and Analysis Meeting, part of the Process Technologies & Purification pipeline of PepTalk 2020. The biopharmaceutical industry is meeting increasing demands and costs for biotherapeutics through process optimization. Data from advanced instrumentation through sampling techniques, new sensor technologies, and analyzers have emerged to monitor both upstream and downstream processes. When well-prepared and analyzed, this data leads to process knowledge, process control, and continuous improvement, resulting in greater speed, quality, and economy. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 4th Annual Bioprocess Data Management and Analysis conference addresses statistical analysis strategies allowing for optimized and informed control of bioprocessing.

This event is hosted by the Cambridge HealthTech Institute.

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