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Instrument integration with lab informatics

Over the past decade, labs have invested heavily in new software for data management, like electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and LIMS. Because of this investment, scientists and technicians have undergone a paradigm shift in workflow. To maintain accurate records and compliance, they have to learn how to use complex software. A consequence is that precious time and cognitive overhead is required for transcribing analyses and shuffling data from one system to another.

Instruments are very difficult to connect to scientific software. Each instrument has it’s own protocol. To address this, labs deploy their own internal software teams, hire expensive consultants, or use limited vendor-supported software. The typical consequences of these methods include cost overruns, inflexibility, and a lack of scalability. Our recent white paper on this topic describes these issues in great detail.

New operating system?
Good luck maintaining everything!

New instrument?
Invest 2 months per instrument.

New LIMS system?
Start from scratch.

A novel approach

With TetraScience Informatics, this problem is no longer. In collaboration with our customers, data management partners, and scientific instrumentation partners, we’ve developed a simple service that streams data from nearly any instrument in to an ELN or LIMS.

This is a game changer.

We wanted to put an end to this madness. In our view, science - and the vendors that support it - is composed of an ecosystem. We built TetraScience Informatics to serve as a middleware to facilitate the collection, parsing, and integration of data from disparate sources. This capability is a natural extension of our Internet-of-Things platform.

Instrument ELN LIMS Integration with Lab Informatics | TetraScience Blog

TetraScience’s mission control connects individual instruments and experiments to a single online dashboard. Our platform can accommodate a myriad of instruments and data files: from mass balances to pH meters, HPLCs to FTIR, temperature to CO2 sensors. By leveraging our powerful combination of hardware and software, labs are able to expedite common workflows and ensure compliance.

Here’s an example of how our weighing tool dramatically changes how work is done.

Instrument ELN LIMS Integration with Lab Informatics | TetraScience Blog

We’re excited to help labs drive towards a more productive and digitized laboratory. Please contact us to learn more.

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Alok S. Tayi

Alok S. Tayi

PhD, CEO & co-founder of TetraScience, Alok is a scientist, entrepreneur, and eternal academician. After 15 years of research experience, he has now set his sights on Internet-of-Things for Science.

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