Introducing TetraScience Lab Scheduling

We are excited to announce the launch of TetraScience Scheduling, a purpose-built solution that allows laboratories to schedule not only instrumentation and equipment, but also the people who use those devices, and the tasks that need to be run on them. TetraScience Scheduling enables full visibility into resource availability, reservations, maintenance, reporting, and more.

The current state of lab scheduling

Laboratory scheduling is a mess. Many facilities still rely on calendar printouts, paper signup sheets, and whiteboards. While these methods are fast and inexpensive to implement, the lack of flexibility means that people must physically walk up to an instrument or whiteboard just to know if it’s in use. After planning out a week of experiments at their bench, scientists must walk up to each separate instrument in order to write down their name and reserve their spot.

There are repercussions to using inflexible, inefficient systems - people stop using them. Imagine the frustration of arriving at your instrument reservation and seeing that someone else has stolen your spot. You may waste 30 minutes setting up your samples in an instrument that no one told you was broken earlier that day.

For what seems to be a fairly simple problem, laboratory scheduling is nuanced. There are intricacies to working in a lab environment that are beyond the scope of paper calendars or generic scheduling software. At the same time, traditional or custom-built laboratory solutions tend to be overly complex and defeat the purpose of a tool that is supposed to make your work easier.

With TetraScience Scheduling, we are introducing a comprehensive alternative that is simple to set up and maintain, easy to use, and provides specific value to help your lab run smoothly.

"TetraScience Scheduling is helping us to more efficiently schedule our scarce resources, which directly saves scientific time and accelerates time to market."

Benjamin Van de Graaf, Operations Manager, Kallyope

Product features

We’ve designed TetraScience Scheduling with the idea that planning out your experiments and lab resources should be the easy part. Here are some of the top features that we hope will improve both your daily workflow as well as provide key insights into your resources.

Dynamic calendar

See what’s happening in your lab at a glance with our dynamic calendar view. TetraScience Scheduling displays real-time availability of your equipment as well as the metadata associated with reservations and instruments.
Dyamic calendar | TetraScience Scheduling

Instrument metadata

As with our Lab Monitoring and Utilization products, all instrument metadata is easily searchable. You can quickly find your preferred instruments by name, instrument type, location, and more.

Instrument metadata | TetraScience Scheduling

One-click reservations

Create reservations or block out time for repairs and preventative maintenance with a single click. Drag your cursor for your desired time window, or simply type it in for fine-tuning.

One-click reservations | TetraScience Scheduling

You can also mark a broken instrument as out of service. This immediately changes the status of the instrument for everyone in your organization to see, preventing additional bottlenecks for your fellow labmates.

Out of service instruments | TetraScience Scheduling

Operational reporting

Dive into your scheduling data to surface the operational insights most important to you. Track project progress and understand which instruments are out-of-service the most. Using the Logbook, you can export CSVs containing reservation metadata to create flexible reports using Excel or the reporting tool of your choice.

Operational reporting | TetraScience Scheduling

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