Pokemon lab disruptions across the globe

This week scientists all over the world took to social media to report a bizarre laboratory takeover - Pokemon. It was only a matter of time before #labpokemon became a thing. Let's take a closer look at where these critters invaded, shall we?

Buffalo, NY: The Roswell Park Cancer Institute:

--- Guarding a ThermoFisher GC: --- Not to be outdone, here's a psyduck guarding a centrifuge in Sweden. --- Over at UC Berkeley: --- In the stock room: --- The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, part of the NIH, definitely has their eye on this epidemic: --- I bet you thought Waters Corp definitely didn't have any Pokemon on site. Wrong. --- My research suggests this may be the tweet that started it all. --- You know things are serious when biotech and pharma reporter for Chemical & Engineering News broadcasts a public service announcement: --- In conclusion, evidence would suggest I should go back and update my [top 10 time sinks for scientists](http://tetrascience.com/blog/top-10-time-sinks-for-scientists-2) post... Happy hunting.
Lindsey Christensen

Lindsey Christensen

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