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Pre-competitive biopharma groups and events shaping the smart lab movement

The devices we use are becoming smarter and more interconnected. We have smart phones, watches, cars, and televisions. They are changing the way we conduct our lives. However, the laboratory remains unconnected and outdated. The technology we use to collect data is clumsy and unintuitive. We move data via flash drives and open it in old software to view and analyze it.

I can answer a call from my phone using my car. I can have texts automatically relayed from my phone to a smart watch on my wrist. I can turn up the heat in my home using the Nest controlled from my phone. While I’m at it, I can start dinner in the crockpot with the Black + Decker app.

In the competitive world of fast-paced biotech startups and pharma giants, individuals generally work within the confines of their own organization due to IP and patent-protected drugs. However, an ecosystem championing pre-competitive idea sharing is growing. A community of scientists, operations, bioinformatics, IT, and vendors is forming that is motivated to modernize the lab. They want to make the lab smarter and more connected. Whether it’s the Internet of Things or changing how we record and send data, these are the organizations that are striving to revolutionize the laboratory.

Allotrope Foundation: “Rethinking Scientific Data”

The key to the data revolution is the ability to share data. The Allotrope Foundation has developed a standard data format that can be used regardless of vendor, instrument, or experiment type. A standard format will prevent barriers to data sharing such as converting data to a common format or manually re-entering data. The Allotrope Foundation is composed of leading pharma and biotech companies including TetraScience.
Check out our blog Allotrope sets sights on lab data standardization

Pistoia Alliance: “Lowering Barriers to R&D Innovation”

Pistoia Alliance brings together a partnership of vendors, companies, members of academia, and publishers to focus on overcoming inefficiencies in life science R&D. Their projects transform R&D innovation through pre-competitive collaboration.

Pistoia brings together key constituents to identify the root causes that lead to R&D inefficiencies and then develop best practices and technology pilots to overcome common obstacles.TetraScience is an active member in the Lab of the Future sub-group and sponsors their US conference.

Community Events

Beyond organizations dedicated to modernizing the laboratory, a number of biopharma companies have internal initiatives and projects for their vision of the laboratory of the future. A great opportunity to learn about the variety and scope of these internal initiatives is by attending events and conferences that bring together these innovators to knowledge-share, collaborate, and generally discuss new tech and strategies for the future of the lab.

SmartLab Exchange USA:

Date and Location: Feb. 20-21, 2018 San Diego, CA, USA
This conference bills itself as the place where science and IT meet. It brings together senior executives that can start company wide initiatives in IT and vendors with IT solutions. You can catch TetraScience at the February SmartLab Exchange in San Diego.

Paperless Lab Academy:

Date and Location: Mar. 20-21, 2018 Milan, Italy
The Paperless Lab Academy describes itself as the, “Ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory,” and their broad scope targets pharma and biotech as well as food & beverage, cosmetics, oil & gas and chemical companies. They present a combination of forward-looking solutions and case studies on deployed technologies. Check out twenty workshops on topics such as IoT for sustainable lab digitization.

Bio-IT World:

Date and Location: May 15-17, 2018 Boston, MA, USA
This conference focuses on leveraging data and computational capabilities in the life sciences with a special focus on medicine. Check out tracks on Data Storage and Management and a new track on Data Transfer. Connect with some of TetraScience’s customers as they discuss ways to harness the computing power to propel the life sciences.

Lab Informatics Summit: Next Week

Date and Location: Dec. 4-6, 2017, Philadelphia, PA, USA
This intimate conference combines big and small pharma leaders who are actively looking for solutions to modernize the lab. If you want to learn more about major advancements in lab tech, check out CEO Alok Tayi on the keynote panel.

We’re looking forward to meeting you around these events. Did we miss any? Leave a note in the comments!

Kristie Tevis

Kristie Tevis

Kristie holds a PhD for Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and has over a decade of research experience. She is currently working in protocol development and IP data organization.

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