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SmartLab Exchange R&D Virtual Event | August 25th - 26th, 2020

Increasing Efficiency, Enhance Connectivity and Drive Superior Quality in the Modern Lab

This year's SmartLab Exchange R&D Event is going virtual for a two-day event promoting innovative learning and networking opportunities specifically designed for laboratory leaders in the R&D/R&D IT, Manufacturing, and QA/QC space. The two-day event will bring together a select group of senior-level lab informatics and R&D/R&D IT leaders and will host a series of collaborative, interactive, and discussion-based sessions as well as keynote addresses, in-depth case studies, structured networking and interactive roundtables.

TetraScience CEO and Co-Founder, Spin Wang, will be giving an interactive presentation on Tuesday, August 25th at 11:10am EST:

It’s fundamentally a data problem.
R&D Data is biopharma’s greatest asset. However, the mindset of “data as an asset” has been lost somewhere along the way, resulting in data silos and an overabundance of dark or trash data. We feel this pain acutely when scientists re-run an experiment because it is too hard to find the data from the previous experiments. Or when data scientists spend too many hours wrangling data before they can perform analyses. Or when your ML/AI initiative is delayed due to underlying data challenges. Diversity of data sets, formats, and sources/producers is only increasing, in parallel with a rapidly growing number of data consumers. We need a cloud-native, data-centric solution that scales across the enterprise and supports the entire journey of your R&D data. Join this session to learn why:

  • a vendor-agnostic R&D Data Cloud is the best solution to this challenge
  • an open network that includes both data producers AND data consumers benefits all network participants (biopharma, CRO/CDMO, informatics applications and instrument manufacturers)
  • making data harmonized and accessible powers data science and visualization

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