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Teamwork at TetraScience

TetraScience’s team has been expanding over the past few months. We’ve moved from a few tables at the Harvard Innovation Lab to the Harvard Launch Lab, and just recently shifted into a new office in Allston. Amidst all of the boxes shuffling around and the excitement of expansion, we’ve consistently been anchored, supported, and fueled by our teammates.

That’s the thing about a team that just works well together — everything fits even in the busiest of moments. In fact, there is a strange sort of magic that takes place when individuals from various paths come to work together on something they really believe in. We’ve seen it happen first hand at TetraScience — those a-ha ideas arise from unexpected moments when we’re just working side by side.

TetraScience team expansion

As we’ve expanded our team, we’ve been honored to be able to bring on new, talented enthusiasts who are equally motivated by our mission to advance scientific discovery by improving the day-to-day lives of scientists. It warms us to welcome in driven, skillful, and curious individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive in.

We aspire to learn from one another. In fact, we make it a habit to have weekly team dinners, where easy-going conversations and good food never fail to shine a light on how lucky we are to have been brought together by our common goal.

As an early stage startup, we value honesty with our recruits about what daily life is like. Let's be real - it's challenging! But for the right person, it's extremely rewarding. As a young startup, we're looking for people who are as excited about our journey as we are (if not more excited). In the end, our collective passion propels us forward.

Needless to say we're growing fast and always on the lookout for smart, passionate techies from all walks of life to join us. If you're interested, don't be shy. You can check out our jobs page here. And if you don't see the position you want, just ask.

Lindsey Christensen

Lindsey Christensen

Lindsey joined TetraScience as Director of Marketing after falling in love with their mission to bring IoT to Science. She's always on the hunt for new topics & writers, so don't be a stranger.

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