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Tip | Automatically back up your data to the cloud

"Ned spilled tequila on his keyboard while working ... "

Data mishaps can be catastrophic. Taking this precaution to save many headaches and heart attacks.

In January 2020, Microsoft retired Windows 7, forcing many to upgrade to Windows 10. Our product and engineering team was pontificating about this on one of our Slack channels - specifically how data mishaps can be catastrophic, and taking this precaution saves many headaches and heart attacks.

A story called "Ned spilled tequila on his keyboard while working ... " surfaced, where we learned that a team member's former colleague was about to walk into a sales meeting when disaster occurred. While they were mapping out talking points at a nearby coffee shop, Ned reached over for his notepad and coffee spilled all over his laptop. Thanks to cloud backup, they were able to restore Ned's presentation on the other team member's laptop and they successfully delivered the meeting.

Meanwhile, back in the office, somehow coffee turned into tequila and the story became urban legend / cautionary tale.

But the point remains valid - particularly for our customers in biotech and pharma R&D. Make sure your experimental data backs up to the cloud! If your data is only stored on your local computer, you are vulnerable to coffee (or tequila) episodes, Windows updates, and a host of other potential disasters. Or call us and we'll install our platform to do it for you (plus a whole lot more).

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