Updated Lab Monitoring page and brand new Alert Profiles and Operational Status!

Our customers love TetraScience Lab Monitoring because it’s there when they need it, and it requires little of their time and effort. In that spirit, we updated Lab Monitoring so users get more information upfront and spend less time configuring alerts.

Improvements include:

  • Enhanced visibility of devices and their status
  • Group devices based on metadata including location, status, and manufacturer
  • Acknowledge all alerts on the lab monitoring screen
  • Create Alert Profiles for batch allocation
  • Improved page performance

Lab Monitoring has a new look.

We redesigned the Lab Monitoring page so you get the information you need, faster. Check out the new Lab Monitoring page for details. Let’s look at a few key updates.

Advanced grouping, based on metadata and alert status, puts all your devices and their status right where you need them.


Statistics summary gives you an overview of all your devices. View how many devices have triggered alerts, how many are offline, and how many, by percentage, have configured alerts.


Acknowledge All Alerts clears all pending alerts from all your devices in an instance.


Get all the details on our updated Lab Monitoring page.

Batch Alert Creation is here!

You have a lot of devices. You shouldn’t have to create an alert for every single one! The all-new Alert Profiles has got you covered.

Alert Profiles saves you the time of setting up alerts individually. A single Profile can be assigned to as many or as few devices as you require. Trigger parameters and delivery methods can be updated across all devices that use the Alert Profile. To access them, click on Alert Profiles in the top right drop-down menu.


Create a new alert profile by 1) selecting a sensor and 2) setting a trigger.

When you set an alert on a device panel, you will have the option to create an individual alert or to add an existing Alert Profile to the device. You’ll be directed to Alerts Profiles where you can add your device, or create a new Profile.


New Operational Status

Administrators can now set an “operational status” for each device. This ensures that you never receive false alarms. If a freezer is going through a defrost cycle, or if your incubator is undergoing maintenance, you can set your TetraScience device’s operational status to “Not in use” which will pause all alerts for that device until you set its status back to “Operational”.


What do you think of these updates?

We updated Lab Monitoring based on feedback from our customers. It’s so important that we hear from you whether you’re a user or you’re evaluating our software.

Let us know what you think of these updates by leaving us a message.

Not a Lab Monitoring user?

Lab Monitoring enables you to monitor your important equipment (e.g. freezers, incubators, and fume hoods) using one or more of our integrated sensors (e.g. temperature, CO2, humidity, O2, etc.). Monitor each parameter, store the data, and send alerts when they deviate.

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