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Why the cloud for science?

Cloud solutions are gaining traction in science labs. But why? TetraScience cofounder and COO, Salvatore Savo, has the answer.

Prior to cofounding TetraScience with a drive to improve the lives of scientists, Sal was an engineer and researcher himself. He has a PhD from the University of Naples, was a postdoc at Harvard, and holds several patents. When he’s not busy modernizing science labs around the world, you can find Sal biking around town, spending quality time with his newborn daughter, or planning for his next trip back home to Amalfi, Italy.

Q: Cloud solutions are becoming more popular in science labs. Why do you think that is?

Sal: I think scientists have been creating their own ways to get remote access to experiments for a while. In my previous life as a scientist, I ran my experiments remotely using desktop connections. This very simple solution made me at least 3 to 4 times more efficient. I was able to run experiments 24 hours a day and restart all the experiments that failed from home. But there were no “out of the box” solutions to do this - it was every scientist for him or herself. That’s changing now.

Knowing that every other scientist around the world probably felt the same made me want to create a flexible, simple, and user-friendly product to monitor and control experiments from the cloud.

Q: Why the cloud? What are the top 3 benefits in your mind?

Sal: If I had to pick just 3 benefits to using a cloud-based platform, I’d say:

  1. Increased productivity through better experiment visibility
  2. Accessibility to real-time data from anywhere at any time
  3. Ability to share that real time data seamlessly with anyone, anywhere

TetraScience cloud solution for science

Q: What are some of your favorite professional cloud-based solutions?

Sal: I like all cloud based solutions that can improve the quality of my life at work and make me more efficient. Dropbox and Google Drive are certainly the top two. I also like the idea of sharing notes through the cloud using Evernote. At TetraScience we also use Zendesk for customer support.

As a scientist, I think we’ve been left out as far as having a solution that is tailored specifically to our needs. Sales has Salesforce, Marketing has Marketo, HR has Workday, and on and on. I’ve always wanted a cloud-based solution tailored to fit experimental workflows, so we decided to build it ourselves!

Q: What kinds of cost benefits are there to cloud-based solutions like TetraScience?

Sal: Our customers share amazing stories with us all the time about how they were able to save (critical!) experiments because they were connected to TetraScience. Just last month one customer told me they were able to save over one million dollars worth of samples when their freezer broke down unexpectedly. Monitoring through TetraScience informed them in real-time via text message and they were able to act.

Another customer shared that they were able to prevent a quarter-long delay in bringing a new drug to market because of the productivity gained with TetraScience. Because they beat their timeline so significantly, the group delivered their project ahead of schedule. That’s an astounding figure for the business, but it also meant a life-saving drug was available 3 months earlier than planned - time that is precious and invaluable to those patients.

It’s easy to see why we’re excited about bringing the cloud to science.

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Lindsey Christensen

Lindsey Christensen

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