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The major advantage technology brought to the modern, digital world is the availability of information. We have instant access to the information we need. If you are looking for a scientific article, weather report, or world news, you are able to access the information that is relevant to you in seconds. When it comes to lab work, how can modern technology improve the way we manage data? The following guest post is contributed by Tea Pavlek, MSc, sciNote LLC.


How can TetraScience users benefit from sciNote electronic lab notebook?

To empower scientists, interoperability among different software solutions is crucial. Solutions that adapt to the scientists’ way of work and are easy to use. TetraScience and sciNote electronic lab notebook are both working towards that goal.

sciNote electronic lab notebook enables its users to manage their projects and experiments. It keeps track of the activity of team members, allows them to collaborate within the platform and enables them to keep all their data in one place - from times and dates when certain actions have been performed, to changes in protocols, or recent result files that have been saved.

To learn more about sciNote, take a look at the short animation video:


With interoperability in mind, the TetraScience platform provides a solution to track all important information on lab instruments in real time. So besides having an overview on all activity within projects in sciNote, lab managers and employees can have complete overview over lab instruments and data as well. This approach can greatly improve the way research data is being handled and provide necessary insights into lab activity and performance.

While we aren't jumping into virtual labs just yet, we can start thinking about improving the way we handle research data and all information our lab could provide us in real time. From the completed steps of a protocol, to the technical issues with the freezer where we keep the samples.